What I’m Learning Now: iPhone Photo Apps

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One of my current obsessions is photo editing apps for my iPhone 5. There is an awesome post on Petit Elefant called, My Top Favorite iPhone Photo Apps. This post REALLY got me thinking and wanting to practice.

I went with most of the suggested apps. Which is odd because I rarely pay for apps. But the post really ignited something in me. I also downloaded the photo editing app by Rhonna Designs.

Quite honestly, I didn’t know who she is. I checked out her site and she has AWESOME digital scrapbooking designs and fonts. So much so that I’m almost tempted to start combining some digital scrapbooking with my Project Life book. I’m a little worried for my bank account at this point. It has taken a lot of will power not to buy something. But then I know buying one thing would lead to two. Then to three. You see the pattern here…….

The following pictures were edited with some of the apps mentioned in the blog post linked above with final edits with Rhonna Designs:

photo(6) photo(7)I love that I can add wording to my pictures. This one was a preset and I was able to change the color and shadow of it.

Have you checked out Rhonna’s app yet?

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