Starting Kindergarten

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Not only am I starting a new career, we have one more major event happening in our home. Our baby. Our pride and joy. My boopy bear will be starting kindergarten this week! Seriously. I can’t even believe it. Where have the last 5 almost 6 years gone?

School supplies are bought. Thanks to an awesome friend, Jack has enough jeans and shirts to last the next couple of years. One thing left to buy is a new pair of tennis shoes. It just doesn’t seem like a new school year until your feet are adorned with new tennis shoes.

I’m so excited for him to start this new life adventure. The kid is beyond ready to start school and is super excited. Am I ready? I mean, sure I’m ready. But I’m a tad bit on the emotional side. He is my baby. My only baby. There is a really good chance that he’ll be on my only baby. But? He’s not a “baby” anymore. He knows and accepts that he will always be my baby. Even when he is 30 years old with the possibility of having his own baby.

So, school starts in a few days. I’ll be taking and picking him up on the first day. Is it bad that I’m secretly wishing for him not to want to leave? I doubt it will be like that. He has changed daycares twice in the last 4 years. Both times, I planned to be at work late because I just didn’t know how drop off would go. He walked right in both times without saying good bye. The 2nd time was a daycare/preschool center and he did look scared but he walked in, head held high. So I’m not expecting any sort of melt down. At least from him. I’m so proud of his ability to walk into new situations and act like he’s been there all along. That’s one of the things I love most about him.

How was your kid’s first day of kindergarten?

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