a story about strollers (and a lot of other stuff)

Hi Guys,

First real blogpost here…

so, i was browsing the web the other day and saw this and i wanted to share. It’s a great guide if you are a new mom and looking to find the best stroller out there.

Some of the tips is a bit who who, but most is actually usable..

I know i haven’t posted so much here, and you properly know what i mean, having a family is F***** tough you know. You are properly reading this and thinking, well, what does that have to do with me, and honestly.. I have no idea, i just wanted to share the stroller tips, if you are like me and looking for the best stroller for your kids.

anyway… I’ll try and post some more, but as you guessed this is hard (i don’t know how other moms make it seem so easy) anyway here is a picture of a pie i was eating the other day (made it myself)

Have a great day 😀