52 Weeks of Organizing: My cookie decorating supplies

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In the past few months, I’ve really gotten into decorating cookies and baking cupcakes. When I start a new hobby, I dive right in and buy all sorts of stuff. Then I come to the issue of finding a place for everything.

It was so unorganized that it started to stress me out. So I found some little containers and put the little things that do not have their own boxes. Then I used my original container to hold the other stuff. However, I still needed somewhere to put the large attachments and the little boxes.

So I ventured out to our Family Dollar and got a bigger container to hold the rest of the stuff.

Not bad at all. I also have extra room to store the new stuff I’m sure I’ll be buying. An added bonus is that we picked up a new clothes hamper for Jack. We are trying to teach him to put his clothes in it not all over the house…lol.

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