31 Day Blog Challenge Day 4 – Best Childhood Memory

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Today’s topic is: Best Childhood Memory

I have lots of great memories from my childhood. But when asked about a favorite, there is one that always comes to mind. It’s rather silly and it involves my cousin whom I grew up with. We were born one day apart and our moms were literally in the same hospital room. Her and I grew up together and we had a blast.

It was summer and I can’t remember how old we were. We were young, like elementary school age. We saw my sister and her friend sitting in a dresser drawer. It was a lower dresser and it had two drawers across. We asked what they were doing and they said they were playing boat. When they were done, we decided that we wanted to play and hopped into the drawers. If my little sister and her friend could do it with no problems, we should be able to do as well.

We slightly rock the drawers as if we were on the ocean in our boats. After a few minutes, we could feel the dresser starting to tip forward. Before we could get out, the dress fell forward and we were stuck. There wasn’t a ton of room between the dresser and the bed so we were stuck in the middle but under the drawers. We started to yell for help but my house was being remodeled and the workers were running their machines so no one heard us. After what felt like eternity, my sister came in. We told her to go and get my mom to help us.  Instead of telling my mom, she gets side tracked by freshly baked cookies.

My mom comes in and helps us out of the dresser. Luckily we were not hurt at all and we just laughed and laughed. See, I’m one that if I get hurt or anything like that, I laugh hysterically. I think it’s a coping mechanism. LOL.

To this day, this story gets brought up almost every time we are together. It’s hilarious to us now. We just can’t believe that we thought we could sit in a dresser and it would be alright.

Her and I have so many stories and memories that we shared through high school. But this is always the first memory that we laugh about.


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